Can i get a refund

This sucks… actually makes the experience worse…

You say you are using Tier 1 servers? You’re using free servers which i used 5 years back…FOR FREE.

They are part of an educational institutions VPN service, Japanese i think… and you advertise saying its “Tier 1”. Did not expect this from Koreans.

Disappointed. No language support. Responses to “Technical” questions are in same answers copy pasted from FAQ/Manual.

Sorry for any issues you encounter if you’re not happy with Mudfish. :slight_smile:

Which mudfish nodes are you pointing? Did you check link too? Please tell me the exact name of mudfish nodes. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely check it for you.

Sorry for this issue. I think I can refund your transaction paid with Bitcoin. Could you please tell me your bitcoin address you’ll receive the refund? And please be aware that if you paid with bitcoin the transaction fee of bitcoin network will be charged.

DE Amazon Leaseweb (Mostly) Howeveer, the game server is in Amsterdam, and your item shows Germany as a server.

A refund now seems useless, as the fees would be almost equal to the amount itself. The problem is that the game isnt routed through Mudfish 9 out of 10 times. That’s the problem. I cannot be restarting every time i need to play a game…

Still I can’t follow your problem. Are you meaning that you tried to use DE Amazon or Leaseweb mudfish nodes but it doesn’t work well?