High ping at Japanes FF 14 server with RU Vladivostok JSK 1-3 nodes

Im use mudfish for Final Fantasy 14 japanes server connection from Russia. My ISP sending me via USA so i had 250-300ms. Mudfish use ocean route from Russia to Japane. I used 4 nodes befor: Novosibirsk and 3 Vladivostok JSK. Few month ago i start get problems with ping. All Vladivostok nodes give me 300ms ping, and only Novosibirsk work at 140, but some time even on it i need to add second route Novosibirsk ->Tokyo SakuraNet 1/2 for 140ms.

So now if Novosibirsk node had problems i have no other option to play. Can you please take a look what happen with Vladivostok nodes? My ping to node is same that was before problems comes, so its something at Vladivostok ->Japan routes.
FF 14 games server ip is:

how about vladivostok - aliyun jp?

Thx for tips work, vladivostok - aliyun jp fine. 158ms. Not as good as Novosibirsk direct but still good :slight_smile: I thought i tryed all jp nods with Vladivostok is aliyun new one or i missed it?