Latency ingame


I just recently started using Mudfish for gaming purposes (I play league on euw) and I’ve noticed some minor improvements - I used to have 50-60 ping, now it’s more about 43-53. The thing that I don’t understand… on the website when I inspect the Realtime RTT the latency is between 30ms (±2), shouldn’t this be around the same ingame? I tried the full vpn too, didn’t seem to make a difference.



I assume the 30ms you are seeing is your connection to the Mudfish node, the Mudfish node still needs to connect to the League of Legends servers and that’s where the additional 13 - 23ms would be coming from.

@AshorAshy It’s not true. “Realtime RTT Graph” should show the total RTT (ping) value of “User -> Mudfish Nodes -> Game Server”.

@XeXiu If you see a ping difference on it, please try to ping to IP on the command prompt while Mudfish is running. This IP is used in mudfish to calculate RTT between your desktop and the game server via mudfish node.

If you see around 30ms on the command prompt but see 43 ~ 53 ms on the game server, it points that you’re accessing the different game server or network. For that case, please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link.

Ahh I see, my apologies.

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