Mudfish Item Glitch for 'Mabinogi: Heroes'


Thank you for your great service.
But recently, I’ve got problems playing Nexon Korea MMORPG ‘Mabinogi: Heroes’ through item in mudfish.
It does connect to the game, but the game shows ‘relay server error’ when I tried to play the game Mabinogi: Heroes.

This glitch isn’t just me, few of my friends have the same problem.
The item system is probably glitched in mudfish, so can you please check and see if something is wrong and fix it for us?

Thanks you replying.
I’ve tried the game with Full VPN mode.
The game worked fine, but I don’t want to use Full VPN mode because I usually watch a video while playing the game using item.
Will you give another different solution for us?

@Vrin Did you try to test it again recently? I’d updated the game item again regarding to this issue. Please let me know if it’s still same… :frowning:

It looks like it’s working now, thank you so much!