Mudfish mobile pinging

Hello. Lately I don’t have access to a pc, so I’m gaming on my phone.

I am playing Albion online from Singapore.

On pc I know that mudfish allows me to

  1. ping/rtt nodes
  2. ping/rtt node to game.

On mobile, I can only do ping to node on app. That doesn’t help me very much.

The game server is in Washington and there’s unusually high jitter. That’s why I think rtt values are more important than just ping according to what you informed me years ago.

Is there anyway I can accomplish 2) on mobile?

Additionally, per app VPN doesn’t work. Either option still works as a full VPN.

Any reason why after waiting 24 hours and posts before and after mine are getting answered but mine isn’t?

Please don’t add new comments after creating a topic because it’ll be bumped and reset your priority to get answers. Normally I answered the older topics first.

:frowning: As you might guess, mudfish’s implementation was focusing on the desktop / PC users while nowadays mobile game is becoming more popular. At some point, I’m thinking that I need to enhance the mudfish app for iOS/android though I have poor skills with the mobile…

So at this moment, my answer is ‘not much’ with mudfish app.

For this case, I’ll check it. Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Google play had an update 2 days ago.
Said you were checking up on the VPN.

So was the issue as reported where per app option was still working as full VPN?

I need this clarified because I need to know if this is my problem or the app problem.

With subscription bandwidth, running discord + game = 3000ping.

Unfortunately recent update wasn’t for your issue. :frowning: Those are more related with network firewall issues because some users are reporting that they can’t event sign in.

I’ll try to check and enhance the user experience on android mobile more.