New Background?

I see in the latest version of mudfish, they added a background image of League of Legends on the dashboard. I personally really hate LoL, and it pisses me off to see it on the dashboard. I was wondering if you could remove the background and go back to the old one, or even replace it with my own image.

:slight_smile: Sorry for this issue. At this moment there’s no option to change on the UI. However if you really hate to see it I think you can hack mudfish file little bit as follows if you’re familiar with tar file format:

  • With the explorer, go to the installation directory of Mudfish. Normally it’s at C:\Program Files (x86)\Mudfish Cloud VPN\.
  • With 7-zip, untar htdocs-5.0.4.tar file at the temporary folder.
  • Edits css/mudfish.js file. Specially this part: image
  • With changing /image/bg/1.jpg, you can change the background image to your own.
  • With 7-zip, tar the temporary foler to htdocs-5.0.4.tar. And replace the file with the original.