Where is my 16gb data left

I rarely use the VPN my 26gb is impossible to consume within 2 months so i have 16gb left i just play 1 game yesterday and the message says right now that i need to buy a credit what a shame i am promoting this VPN to other Dota 2 players and i will got this kind of service.

I think I’d leaved my answers at your topics which made at Private Support. :slight_smile: Please check and let me know if you have any other questions.

Anyway when i play dota 2 without vpn my ping is 29ms when it is connected to AKA Manila server here is the ip address i noticed that mudfish is keep on getting connected to Singapore server is there any chance that i can play with my real ping any help?

It looks this question is also duplicate one. :slight_smile: Please check my answer at other topics.