5.2.4 download being flagged as trojan

Went to update mudfish to its newest version and found that Microsoft Defender had flagged it as containing a trojan. This is the first time that any mudfish download has been flagged and 5.2.3 doesn’t get recognized as having anything harmful.

@JJfever1 I think it’s false positive. If you have any concerns with our installer, please check it via https://www.virustotal.com/ link.

When I checked it with their service, most of AV program marked it’s fine except few (for this few case, it seems it’s false positive too).

I’m getting the same issue. Trojan detected in Microsoft defender.

@dazza1033 Yep I know but I don’t think there’s a problem in mudfish installer for x86_64 because it seems it’s false positive.

However if you still mind to install it on your system I think you can use v5.2.3 because there’s no big changes between the latest and v5.2.3. :slight_smile: