[5457.77] MUDEC_00496: WSAIoctl() failed: error 10022 retbytes 0

I’m not sure what causes this issue as there are no topics on it and is not in documentation.

This error occurs when I run FFXIV with WFP enabled. I have fast connect enabled too, but I do not seem to get this error when I only have fast connect enabled. This error doesnt only occur once, but multiple times. After a few hours of playing, my whole mudfish page is filled with this error. This error occurs regardless of what node I use. I’m not sure if it results in performance issues or anything as I do have packet lost from time to time.

For this case, please turn off WFP Item mode because there’s a problem to use it… :frowning:

  • Which Windows OS version are you using?
  • WSAIoctl() failed: error 10022 means that the window returns WSAEINVAL… Might be a conflict between mudfish and other programs installed on your system.

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