About refund

Excuse me, my English is not very well, so I will use Google Translate, sorry!

I bought a subscription which is “0.86USD/1 month” and used it for 30 minutes.
I’m not sure this subscription will affect my game experience or not.
In these 30 minutes, I was disconnected FFXIV at least 5 times, So I go to my Data Plan, Let subscription changed to pay per traffic.
And it told me next available time is 2021-08-12 13:12:27 (UTC)
Yeah, this is good. I changed it.
A few hours later, I login my account and noticed that I have no any item there

This means I already changed to “pay per traffic” right?
But I got no refund from subscription… I think I will get refund cuz I didn’t used this subscription a day even a hour :frowning:
I would like to know can I get refund or not? Because If I get refund, I still will spend my money to “pay per traffic”.
If I can’t get refund, please let me know, thank you so much!

And sorry for my bad English again :frowning:

:slight_smile: I can understand your symptom. So I’d refunded the voucher you paid before. Please check again and let me know if there’s anything wrong.

I received it!
thank you sooooooooooo much!

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