Account balance drained of balance

Hi, my new account has been drained of credit and currently showing -1.85 balance.

I had 22GB remaining just 30 minutes ago, and I tried to connect to a multi-connection node with Guild Wars 2, but ran into issues. I had to restart the modem because the internet was so slow even after disconnecting from Mudfish.

I relogged back into Mudfish and balance went into negative balance with no GB remaining.

Can you please investigate ? This is the SECOND time it has happened (my other account name is Essensia)

I think there might be an issue with MULTI PATH selection with Guild Wars 2.

:frowning: @essensia Sorry for this inconvenience. Please try to download the latest mudfish version v5.6.1 and test if you encounter this issue while using Multi-Path mode…

EDIT: For your convenience, I reset your mudfish credits a little bit.

Hi Weongyo,

Thank you for your help; I’ve since switched to a subscription model (I think this will work better anyway).

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