Add Destination server to crossfire

Im playing Crossfire PH, wondering if you could add Asia PH as destination server. Thank you!

Unfortunately it’s not officially supported by Mudfish yet.

And if you want to see it officially at Mudfish, please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game(Asis PH) with Full VPN mode.

We need some game packets to update game item.

I have crossfire equipped item and i paid for it for 0.88 USD, why do you say it’s not supported? If you go on equip items, you will see crossfire. I will send you the game packets.

I have already uploaded the packets too. Please look into it.

I’d leaved my answer at other topic you created at Private Support menu. Please check it there. :slight_smile: You can find your topics at link.