Adding new server locations to CS:GO

Hi, I would like to know what data you need to add new locations to CS:GO as it falls a bit short in some regions even having good nodes.

As I researched some companies have ip publicly as:
Faceit (all servers)
Gamers Club (SA)
Valve (all servers)

From Esea I know they don’t have an ip to test or what company they work with, but their ip’s are public for each match so it would be a long job to look them up and compare with their published locations to get a good sample which I can try.

For the following what data do I need for what I have mentioned above?

To add new locations, all I need is the packet dump file. Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

To update the game item of mudfish, I need some game packets to analyze.