All internet slows down but I'm not in full VPN mode

So I’m not sure if this is a problem with the newer versions of mudfish or it just hasn’t surfaced before but I’ve noticed lately whenever I have mudfish running (e.g for Lost Ark) any other sites I use like youtube for example are just slower to load than usual and it goes back to normal when I close mudfish. I also run a plex server on my PC and I’ve noticed that sometimes mudfish being open conflicts with it and it won’t let other users on the local network hook into plex because it’s looking at two IP’s (the other being the mudfish one) instead of just my PC - not sure if maybe these two are related or not.

I’m guessing like all net routes through the mudfish network adapter and that would probably? explain the plex issue but I’m not sure why it would slow the general internet down since that would all be done locally as it’s only trying to redirect traffic that matches the items equipped (lost ark).

Any ideas?

Weird… Could you please check “Realtime Traffic Graph” on the dashboard? If mudfish affects to your connections and redirects the traffics via a mudfish node, I think “Realtime Traffic Graph” shows some movements.

If “Realtime Traffic Graph” movement is calm and its usage is low, it means mudfish doesn’t do anything and mudfish isn’t affecting to your connection.