All nodes for NA ffxiv have High Packet Loss / System Load

At least for Aether, there are only 2 west coast based nodes that do not have high packet loss and/or system load (which are only temporarily good), making it impossible to use the vpn at all without terrible lag. Is this due to the west coast heatwaves and will resolve with time or is there another issue causing this. Playing with my fluctuating east coast ping is getting rough and I do not want to go looking for a new vpn if I do not need to.


Frankly at this moment, I can’t figure out why. When you get a chance, Please try to test your network status from your desktop to (FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - US West (AETHER)) using How to use WinMTR link.

I think this result shows you where this issue is from.

I am not sure how this will help since the problem are the Mudfish nodes, not my own network but here are the results I am getting.


without the hosts for security reasons.