All routes to FFXIV have been really inconsistent lately from Brazil

Me and some friends that i play with have been experiencing a lot of latency spikes and packet loss on basically all routes recomended by Mudfish to the FFXIV server(Primal) from brazil. This problem is happening basically everyday for the past 3-4 weeks




i tried putting photos of the RTT graphs but i can’t since i’m a new user

Okay. No problem. Please try to test your network status from your desktop to (FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - US West (PRIMAL)) using How to use WinMTR link.

I think this result shows you where this issue is from.

I can confirm this problem, also problems with the dashboard have been occurring(not showing equipped items - ffxiv, not connecting and some other ones) and the google nodes that used to be really good are now incredibly unstable. Also can confirm the exact same time window(3 to 4weeks).

@kingdomofangels1 When you get a chance, please check above comment and show me the result of WinMTR at your location. I need to check the routing pathes.

without mudfish

with mudfish

Thank you for these result. :slight_smile: As you can see, with mudfish, I can’t see any packet losses to the destination.

However without mudfish, it shows that at hop(Nr) 4, it starts to drop the packet. So it looks there’s a congestion at router.