Battlefield 4 germany server

hello i am trying to use mudfish with bf4 but now days all the servers are kicking me for using vpn so can i bypass there vpn check also can you please add germany server for this games you can find the packet dump below and there is one more issue when i connect to a germany server the ping is higher in game by 10 to 20 ms but the ping to vpn server in germany is low how is it possible for the ingame ping to be so high even tho the game server is located in germany thankyou

:slight_smile: Thank you for sending the packet dump. Based on your packet dump, I had updated the game item. Could you please test with it? If it is not working properly, please let me know.

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thanks alot its working perfectly and i wanted to ask you that mudfish is so cheap so how are you able to run it with so many nodes thankyou

advanced mode is not working for battlefield 4 i am trying to connect through digital ocean node in my city to a germany node which has a lower ping than the direct connection to the node but i am getting the same ping as my direcct connection to the node thankyou

Weird… Please check How to check the advanced node option working document and test whether it works with mudfish nodes you’d picked.

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nope it doesnt work

Any way to get it to work @weongyo thankyou

According to your configuration, it seems it works properly because the configuration of “What’s my IP?” is “IN -> JP” with advanced mode.

However if you feel it doesn’t work, please send me the packet dump again based on Packet Capture with Mudfish link.

sorry for the inconvenience its working fine but mudfish is not working for all the servers in eu its only working for the servers hosted by the same provider on which i captured the packet dump thankyou packet dump for france,germany (its a different server on which mudfish doesnt work),japan,singapore thankyou @weongyo

Thank you for these packet dumps. I’d updated the game item based on your packet dumps. However for Japan game server it seems it’s not at Japan. So I didn’t handled it.

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Ok no problem anyways thankyou

hi boss please find one more packet dump for bf4 frankfurt server thanks for mudfish its the best

I think I’d updated the game item some days ago. Please test when you get a chance. :slight_smile: