Browsing becomes very slow and sometimes RTO when Mudfish in on use

So it could take like 10 secs for a page to load. Sometimes even RTO and after that, sometimes, browsing works smoothly. What is happening here and how to fix this?

Did you try to change Connection Protocols to TCP based for testing purpose? Not sure that this issue is from MTU issue but we need to test it first.

Yes, and it’s the same. If I turn off Mudfish, everything works just fine.

EDIT: I changed the TAP to openvpn’s and now everything is better but still, disabling Mudfish is fastest.

Weird… Then could you please test with the following steps?

  1. Run the mudfish launcher and sign in. But doesn’t press ‘Connect’ button to run the core processes.
  2. Disable the game item. So it makes it inactive.
  3. Now press ‘Connect’ button and check it the auto-configuration is completed.

So I’d like to know that your issue is happening with active game item or not. Please check that it’s even same with disabling the game item.


Tried it, and the connection seems smooth as if I didn’t connect to Mudfish at all.

Yes. it’s expected because all game items are disabled. So it means mudfish is running but it doesn’t make any traffic redirection to mudfish program.

Then please turn on the game item again and see that your issue is happening again. If this issue happens again, it means your WoW game item makes a problem to your internet. :frowning:

Well, perhaps ALL items make the problem. I use custom item and the issue persists.

Weird… Do you have another PC/desktop for testing? I’m curious that it’s even same with other PC. It seems your issue is very specific with that box in my opinion.

If possible, please try to send Problem Report while this issue is happening. I need to check the internal logs too.