Call of Duty Modern Warfare please add

It’s the new game and one of the most trending game right now. Please add? I’m lagging due to my ISP.

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Recently I’d created “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” game item. Please test when you get a chance. :slight_smile:

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Hello please add more call of duty mw servers im only seeing japan


Yes, Please add more servers. I top up my mudfish for this and I can only use Japan. It ddnt reduce my latency in game. :frowning:



Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.
To add more game server, I need some game packets to analyze.

hi i have some game packets…20MB file. how to send to you?

I remember I’d updated the game item recently. :slight_smile: Please test it again and let me know if it doesn’t work still…

thanks it works well now.