Call of Duty Warzone , Need More Server Selection like "Australia" "US West" "US East"

Hi, Currently there’s on Singapore / Japan as destination server option. Please add Australia / US West / US East / etc…


UPDATE 04/02
i just done packet dump by playing in US WEST server using full vpn mode ( na west google 2). please refer to the download link in the “private support” ticket hope it helps since play with full vpn mode would occur disconnection with unknown reason during the game.

Okay. :slight_smile: Thank you for these information. Based on these information I’d updated the game item though I’m not sure that it’s helpful for you.

Please test when you get a chance.

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Thank you! gonna try it

Hi there,

I found the node for AU Sydney works well. However, having problem playing on US West server. Similar to previous test, i’ve provided 3 packet capture records ( refer to private support ticket for d/l link ) under 3 different scenarios as below. Hope this help to resolve connection barrier.

btw, many players from Taiwan interested in using VPN for better game experience. I’m introducing them Mudfish flexible and high cost/performance service.

Scenario A.
FullVpn Mode, US West North Angeles Google 2, Fast queue to join game successfully, but randomly high loss.

Scenario B.
Item Mode, US West North Angeles Google 2, Stuck during queuing ( stop at 200ms game searching)

Scenario C.
Item Mode, AU Sydney, BinaryLane. Slow queue but fluent game experience without any loss and low rtt.

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Hello there! I’m from Philippines, if you’re from Taiwan then we are neighbors. I’m kinda new in Mudfish. May I ask what server you connect to with the lowest ping? Somehow when I que with party friends it takes super long that i ended turning off mudfish.

@codboy I think you’re trying to bump old topic in my opinion so it’ll be hard to hear feedback. In my opinion, it’d be better to create a separate topic for your problem.

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