Can’t log into League of Legends Taiwan server

League of Legends Taiwan server is currently blocking non-Taiwanese IPs and I can’t log in by connecting node in Taiwan. I have also tried Full-VPN mode but that didn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

the settings I tried,
server location:Asia (Taiwan), Basic mode, Node:TW Asia (Taiwan - HostingInside 3)

Umm… If it’s even same with Full VPN mode enabled, did you try to change a mudfish TW node to another one and test?

If they blocked all mudfish TW nodes, then it’s not easy to solve this issue.

I tried them all and they did not work. The Taiwanese server seems to block all outside IP. Against my will, I am using another VPN thats not for gaming, but very laggy sadly.

@cp3250851574 I’m currently talking with regarding this block issue.

I hope it goes well to unblock the mudfish nodes from Riot Games. :slight_smile: