Cannot log in to Mudfish

Yesterday I was using Mudfish fine but today I cannot log in to the Mudfish dashboard. When I click ‘Sign in’ it changes to the loading ‘Sign in’ button with the moving circle icon but then it goes back to the normal ‘Sign in’ button with no messages.

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MF seems to be down.

exactly the same for me, is mudfish really down?

I thought I was the only one having this issue these past few mins

What is database error? I can’t login as well.

Database error has occurred / . i bought this vpn an hour ago only. whats going on ;_;

It’s definitely down. I have the same error

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this is literally the first time ive faced this issue in 3+ years of mudfish use ,
relax . they will fix it

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i’m also getting a database error T_T was working fine 5 hrs ago


me too

me three

It appears to be up and running again. I logged into the VPN successfully just now.

It shows to be working but ingame, its not working :[

Sorry for this inconvenience. :frowning: Please check Service Outage Report - 20210717 for today outage. And please leave any comment if you think your issue is still not solved and think it’s caused by this outage.

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