Can't fix no Tap Win 32 problem

The only way I fix this is by reinstalling mudfish but whenever I restart my PC, the problem will come back again. The solutions given like removing the adapter and reinstalling or installing OpenVPN do not work. Any help?

Edit Should I include my

I don’t think includes sensitive information about your desktop but if you mind, please send it to email and notify me about it.

alright, for now it hasn’t been happening but if it every comes up again, I’ll send the log to your email asap.

Okay the problem came up again so I’m emailing you my at

Thank you for sharing your file. However something is weird for me because the last timestamp to install tap0901 on your box was 2020/05/11 12:34:54.912.

>>>  [Device Install (UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices) - tap0901]
>>>  Section start 2020/05/11 12:34:54.912
      cmd: "D:\Mudfish Cloud VPN\devcon.exe" update "D:\Mudfish Cloud VPN\OemWin2k.inf" tap0901
     ndv: INF path: D:\Mudfish Cloud VPN\OemWin2k.inf
     ndv: Install flags: 0x00000001

So it means you didn’t try to install the driver since that time. Is it correct?

I’m not really sure what you mean. I did reinstall mudfish whenever I have this problem though. I’m pretty sure I reinstalled mudfish again after 2020/05/11 to fix the problem.

Also, I’ve just paid for my mudfish credits but it hasn’t showed up since yesterday. It only says minus credits. I can’t use mudfish at all.