Can't get Private Network test to work in the auto-config

I’m trying to setup the program, and to at least get the myip page working but I’m unable to get passed the ‘Private Network test: KR Asia (S. Korea - KT2 IDC)’.

I checked the help documents and nothing seemed to work, even when I tried to add the -I flag to my launcher.

My logs do show:
[40.601480] [WARN] MUDEC_00049: No entry for SID 621.

Was it because I didn’t get any test credits? My account still says no credits.

I think so. For details, please check MUDEC_00049 link. So now I’d set a trial credit for your account. :slight_smile: So I think you can use all mudfish nodes and features for a while. Please let me know if there’s any problems and questions.

Thanks for the help.

Auto config is able to complete 100% and things seem to be working fine. However when I try to go to it still says that ‘Mudfish isn’t working’

I have the ‘Whats my IP’ item equipped and enabled.

Here’s the ‘core’ logs:

[0.001502] [INFO] mudfish v5.4.6 (for x86_64)
[0.002002] [INFO] Timestamp: Fri Aug  6 21:59:37 2021

[0.002502] [INFO] Connection protocol: auto
[0.002502] [INFO] Authenticating...
[0.273000] [INFO] Fetching the static nodes...
[1.678113] [INFO] Fetched 529 static nodes from the master.
[1.682117] [INFO] TAP-Win32 Driver GUID {2B77A5BA-5228-4E87-9DD9-9CFB3FA1E141}
[1.682117] [INFO] TAP-Win32 Driver Version 9.9 
[1.682117] [INFO] TAP-Win32 Driver MTU 1500
[1.682117] [INFO] Setting TAP-Win32 Adapter v9's MTU to 1400

[1.759512] [INFO] TAP-Win32 Driver TcpNoDelay diabled
[1.760012] [INFO] TAP-Win32 Driver TcpAckFrequency 1
[1.760012] [INFO] TAP-Win32 Driver TCPNoDelay 1
[1.767017] [INFO] Uses the macaddr for msk(4) (cached).
[1.768018] [INFO] Ready
[1.880583] [INFO] Listening the management console at
[2.783044] [INFO] Waiting until the client's ready to handle the routing path list.
[3.212222] [INFO] Fetching new static node SID 43...
[3.722953] [INFO] DHCP request for 00:ff:2b:77:a5:ba (DESKTOP-PN5EORS) from interface
[3.729457] [INFO] DHCP discover for 00:ff:2b:77:a5:ba (DESKTOP-PN5EORS) from interface
[3.732960] [INFO] DHCP request for 00:ff:2b:77:a5:ba (DESKTOP-PN5EORS) from interface
[3.733460] [INFO] DHCP Client got IPv4 address now
[3.961157] [INFO] re28: Testing to ip port 10006 using UDP (good)
[3.961157] [INFO] re28: Broker feature is enabled.
[3.961658] [INFO] re28: Connected to (UDP)
[5.796065] [INFO] MFP     0 FlowMTU      - 1500
[40.025915] [INFO] MFP     0 RouteAdd     - 188 105 0 n -1
[40.025915] [INFO] Fetching new static node SID 188...
[40.475878] [INFO] re142: Testing to ip port 10006 using UDP (good)
[40.475878] [INFO] re142: Broker feature is enabled.
[40.476380] [INFO] re142: Connected to (UDP)
Empty file.

Nevermind, it is working now. :slight_smile:

What I did was went to the Manage Items > What’s my IP > Setup > Refreshed both the ‘Last RTT Update’ and ‘Calculated’.

Cool! :slight_smile: I hope now everything goes well with mudfish. Please let me know if there are any other problems.

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