Can't log and use mudfish

I can’t log into my account. I only can log into it with a vpn like nordvpn. If i do that i can’t use mudfish for gaming because my path is already modify by nordvpn. How to fix this issue ?

@Cedraph Are you under the network firewall? Please check Connecting Mudfish in China link if your connection is blocked by some firewalls.

i don’t live in china. Yes i can acces to but i can’t ping any adress and of course i can’t run mudfish launcher. When i put my log and password i can’t connect. I had a pop up option that ask me use bypass i said yes but it don’t works.

All firewall are off, router firewall and windows firewall.

My friend you have a different ip adress with the same internet provider can log to mudfish may be mudfish block my ip adress why i don’t know ?

Can you talk in private message to test my IP ?

Weird… Then please check mudrun_stdout.txt log file which found at the mudfish installation directory. Normally it’s at C:\Program Files (x86)\Mudfish Cloud VPN\. It seems we need to check the internal logs of mudfish launcher.

Unfortunately nop. :frowning: I don’t handle private messages in this mudfish forums. So I think this channel is one possible to be supported.