Certificate expired: ui.mudfish.net

Hello. My browser is showing the certificate for ui.mudfish.net is expired.


Ooops… Are you using -s option? I though nobody is interesting to use it. :frowning: As workaround, you can remove -s option for mudfish launcher options.

I love the -s option! I’ve added an exception just for ui.mudfish.net in my browser in the meantime. Do you guys plan to renew the certificate at all at some point? I’d love to continue using -s

No problem @aethe I’ll release new version with up-to-date certificate sooner or later. :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback.

EDIT: Okay. I’d updated the certificate and is downloadable at https://pastebin.com/CD6FptJ5 link. I think you can update mudrun_cert.pem as follows:

  • Visits https://pastebin.com/CD6FptJ5 link and download it. With explorer you can rename mudrun_cert.pem.txt to mudrun_cert.pem.
  • Replace mudrun_cert.pem which found at mudfish installation directory. It’s normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Mudfish Cloud VPN\ directory.