CHINA installation - MAC OSX

I read from your site that the mudfish is blocked in Dec. I am using Mac but the instructions on how to bypass seems to be for Windows only.

Can you explain again on Mac how to get the mudfish vpn to work again?

I think you saw Connecting Mudfish in China document. However unfortunately no way for Mac OS X at this moment if you want to use -X option. I’d patched it now to solve -X option on Mac OS X but requires new release. :frowning:

I think you should wait next version.


Checking if the new release for Mac is out yet… Also any instructions how to install …


Which version did you use before? Did you try to use v5.2.3 for Mac OS X? IIRC it’s shipped with -X option.

However running it with -X option isn’t handy for Mac. :frowning: So I think you should run as follows:

  • Opens a Terminal. And do sudo bash to be root user.
  • Runs /Applications/Mudfish Cloud -X <IP:PORT> manually.

Which port number should I put in ?

Please help… I tried entering and got the above message.


@jecklec Sorry for wrong command. :-(. Here is more exact commands.

$ sudo bash
# /Applications/Mudfish\ Cloud\\ Cloud\ VPN -X

You can change part to another mudfish node’s public IP. You can find the information at link.


And the next step after that? I cannot seem to login or anything else after that.

Please find attached reference.


Okay. When I checked your screen shot, it seems mudfish launcher is working. Then do


I can get to the login page but when I enter my credentials it says connection error and failed to authenticate. Then it asks if I want to login using bypass method. If I hit that and re-enter same thing appears and I can not log in. See attached screen shot.

Please assist.


:frowning: Sad to hear that it doesn’t work… Could you please show me mudrun_stdout.txt file when it failed? You can find it at /Applications/Mudfish\ Cloud\ directory…