Configurations for Final fantasy XIV

I am trying to get minimal ping in FFXIV - Primal datacenter.

But somehow, my ping using mudfish is higher than using no VPN. Changing the configurations I can get 180ms ping (from 200ms without mudfish) The thing is, I tried other programs like exit lag and they can get me 60ms, this is so much less! I would like to know the best way to configure mudfish and its nodes to get a less ping, I would like not to change my game vpn to other one since this one is already paid and I have 30Gb of data transfer yet here.

I wish I could say I can help but I have exactly the same issue. It has gone from 130ish to now 160ish with mudfish. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

@ekprime Not sure that Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn link is helpful for your case but please check it first to set up a mudfish.

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