Connection error on a specific TH server


On my PC and iPad I am able to connect to the server ‘TH Asia (Bangkok - Cloudhosting)’ and use it just fine. However on my Android phone, I couldn’t get the connection with that server to work while others server work just fine.

Edit: Now its also dead on my iPad

For this case, it’s not easy to explain about why… In my guess, only a thing I can imagine is that Connection Protocols which used to reach to TH Asia (Bangkok - Cloudhosting).

In mudfish we’re using UDP protocol as default. So all mudfish version for PC / Android / iOS supports it. In a view of implementation, there’s no differences at all…

However for Android / iOS, it doesn’t support TCP protocol at this moment… So I’m suspecting that it affects to your issue. Or your connect could be blocked by DDoS appliance or other security appliance of the ISP level.

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