Connection Protocols: how much do they affect performances?


I used to play FFXIV with Mudfish in Fast Connect mode (everything worked fine).

I wanted to use it again for FFXIV and had issues such as: a black launcher, characters list empty, lobby error.

I managed to fix it by changing the protocol (Setup > Program > Connection Protocols) from UDP to TCP.

What I’m curious about is, how much can it affect performances since UDP is preferred ? How can I manage to fix it back to UDP ?

Thank you

First, to check if UDP works fine on the other node then
please try to pick one of Public Nodes at Setup - Program - Full VPN

They’re provided by

I followed your instructions, setting up Full VPNMode with a public node and it works as intended: the launcher of the game appears as it should and I can select my characters in game.

To add in some more details, setting up Connection Protocols back to UDP and using Mudfish Nodes won’t allow me to load webpages either (I didn’t try prior to now).

So far, it’s not much of an issue since there’s an alternative, but if UDP can ensure better performances overall, it’d be nice to find a way back to it.

Because FFXIV is TCP based game, I don’t think there’s a performance difference. So if it works fine with TCP, you can go with it.

Please check MUDEC_00262 and try to adjust your MTU if you want to use with UDP protocol.

Hello, sorry for the delayed answer.

I investigated on my ISP’s side in the meantime, and I learned that ever since they migrated my network connection from DSL to FTTH, I didn’t have an IPv4 address that had its ports range fully attributed.

Now that I did the request, I swapped my Mudfish setup back to what it was (meaning UDP + Fast Connect without FullVPN Mode) and everything seems functional as it used to.

Thank you for lending me some of your time.

Have a good day.