Could you please add new server for this game

Dear development:
Game is :Lineage
It’s private game server, I have created packet file for you, but it’s stuck on upload session, so I send it to you by Email (
If there anything I could provide or make it working , please let me know

BTW, should It MUST using FullVPN mode to do packet?
Because I was on Subscription Mode, and I’m not sure if I was doing right.

In the subscription plan, if you have purchased one paid item, you can use Full VPN mode(network bandwidth limit).

Hi jimham:
I have captured another packet file with FullVPN mode, hope you or other Development could help
I’ll send it by Email, and Email title is “For Game Items Jul 21”

:slight_smile: Thank you for sending the packet dump. Based on your packet dump, I had updated the game item. Could you please test with it? If it is not working properly, please let me know.

Hi weongyo:
I have tested it few day
I’m not sure if it not work or it just doesn’t help much
but I have try connect mudfish then connect the game
when I close the mudfish, my game will show disconnect
so I assume it did work, just I can’t see any much difference
other than sometime my game screen will stop for about 2 sec, then everything start moving
but this is thing never happen before I used mudfish (used auto selection node)
so I change node to the one with lowest score, and connect the game to another test
it not happen frozen screen , or yet , since I don’t have much play time in last last 2 days
but it seems not change a lot, maybe not working, or my connection to the server already good enough?
I am not sure about this part, this is my report, thank you and jimham’s help.

@kagechuang Is there any way to see your ping in the game client? If possible I think it’s more reasonable way to compare whether mudfish works for you or your ISP has enough good ping to the game server.

Sorry, there are no PING function exist in this game.
is there other info I can provide?

If no game interface to check your ping, then please try to do ping from Command Prompt if you’re familiar with it.

If I analyzed the packet dump you sent properly, it seems the game server’s IP is so I think you can compare the ping result before and after running mudfish.

I tested ping to IP, here is result
with Mudfish: Ping: 203~208, TTL is 241
without Mudfish: Ping: 203-205, TTL is 244
I can only see with Mudfish, the average ping if higher a bit, but just from number
but it did sometime freeze my game screen for 1-2 sec sometime.
and without Mudfish, TTL is higher, but can’t feel what’s the difference

I don’t think you need to take care of TTL (Time To Live) in ping result. Ping is best important one. Did you try to change a mudfish node based on FAQ - Nodes section for your game item? If you’re using the advanced mode, please start with the basic mode.

yeah, I have changed node according to the guide u provided
I picked most lower score every time I connected
but seems not change a lot , at least I didn’t notice
except same one problem, sometime screen got frozen for 1-2 sec.
I guess maybe for this server, my connection is enough, but I can’t take the chance of screen frozen
because it may make my game toon died, so I may try keep looking for better or suitable note.
or just don’t use Mudfish on this game, its sad news for me :frowning: but I’m really appreciated your help