Credit does not show in my account after paying

I paid for the credits but it does not show in my account. I don’t want to apply for a refund, I just want to get my credits since I only use mudfish. Hope you can help!

Sorry for this inconvenience. :frowning: If possible, please show us your receipt got after the payment. When I checked your account, it seems no recent payment history recorded so we need to check it at PG (Payment Gateway) company.

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This is the only receipt i can show that can pe provided by the PG company that I used to pay the credits and it’s worth the $2.99. thank you so much!

I’m in the Philippines and I used Gcash as the payment gateway. thank you!

I have the credits! thank you! Though, i made a mistake, I said I paid 2.99$, but 255php amounts to 4.99$ If there is something you can do about this, i will appreciate it. but receiving the credits works fine now for me. thank you!!

@kel420 No problem. :slight_smile: I’d updated your credits again. Please check and let me know if there’s any wrong.

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Thank you so much!!! I don’t understand why it does not reflect on yours. Is it possible that I do this again, but just keep sending proof if this happens again? :blush:

I’d leaved my answer at Private Support topic you created. Please check it there. :slight_smile: