CSGO Faceit Singapore item not working for the appropriate IP addresses

I am trying to use the item to accelerate only the CSGO service to FACEIT servers with IP that starts with 103(e.g, and it isn’t working, I tried creating custom item with Process prefix to csgo.exe which didn’t work either. Full VPN works completely fine but I am trying to avoid it as I want to run a stream while using Mudfish for CSGO only.

FACEIT servers with IP that starts with 139(e.g works fine with equip item.

Please assist.

Could you please test it again? I’d updated the game item for this case.

works now for the “103.xxx.xxx.xxx” servers but have yet to test on the “23.xxx.xxx.xxx” servers.

Thanks a lot!

Still need it to work for the servers starting with “23.xxx.xxx.xxx” ( sample ip

Updated! :slight_smile: Please test it again.

works great for the 23.xxx.xxx.xxx servers but FACEIT added new servers with 35.xxx.xxx.xxx e.g

Updated again! :slight_smile: Thank you for this information.