Current Singapore Package for Rainbow Six Siege is broken

Hey guys!

The current Singapore Package for Rainbow Six Siege is broken, it only reroutes the main menu data through to the proper servers (the ones you select), so it shows that your ping will be better, but then as soon as you actually get into the game it stops rerouting the packets and your ping becomes unplayable once again.

I have done a packet capture and have all the necessary infomation. I have also tried doing a packet dump on your site, but every time I try and upload, it says Ïnternal error" and I lose the packets.

SEAR6TCPUDP.htm - Google Drive – This is my own packet capture for all the R6S packets that we would need to reroute, thank you! :smiley:

Just so you are aware, you will need to download the HTM file, as if you try and just view it online it is a big mess, since google docs cannot read HTML.

(Unless u want to just find the IP’s yourself, I guess that would work haha)

Thank you again. :smiley:

@Elkstir Thank you for sending these information. And I’d checked that you sent multiple packet dumps too. I’ll leave my comment at the packet topics you sent. :slight_smile:

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