Data plan changed automatically to Subscription without my input

Basically what’s in the title. Created my Mudfish account yesterday, and was planning to use it for FFXIV. I can’t play regularly, so Pay Per Traffic was the optimal way for me. Had some issues with PayPal, so I couldn’t charge the account with $, so I decided to try again today.

Then, I got surprised today by seeing my data plan automatically changed to Subscription, and it actually used the 1-time-per-month, so I can’t change it again until 25/06. No one else had access to my Mudfish account, and I certainly didn’t change it manually, as that would be actually bad for me. Up until today, I didn’t even know where I could change the data plan, and I had even set the FFXIV item for pay-per-traffic, but it’s gone now.

What gives? Can support revert this, or am I stuck with not using Mudfish until next month?

(posting again after 2 days passed)

Saw a similar topic get resolved within hours of being posted. Bumping this one up (doesn’t look like it’s against community guidelines, either).

Please don’t add new comments after creating a topic because it’ll be bumped and reset your priority to get answers.

No problem. :slight_smile: I’d changed your data plan to PPT (Pay Per Traffic) and reset your changeable date too. If you’d like to change it back I think you can do again.

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