Discord does not work in UAE


Discord was working fine for me for months, but three days ago I have encountered an error where I cannot connect to voice chat.

Discord shows “RTC Connecting” then “No route” and tries over and over again.

This issue is not the same in Full VPN Mode and it works then, but I have to turn it off and on again if I change channels, and cannot use any other program.

My settings:

  • Server Location: Europe (Germany)
  • Node Mode: Basic mode
  • Selected Mudfish Node
    • UK Europe (London - Google)

I have also tested it with

  • Server Location: Asia (Singpore)
  • Node Mode: Basic mode
  • Selected Mudfish Node
    • AE Middle East (Dubai - Aliyun)

I have uploaded a packet dump, if it helps

Could you please send me Problem Report? I need to check the internal logs if it works fine with Full VPN mode… :frowning: Sorry for this inconvenience.