Does it work with COD MW?


Lately, I’m having routing issues to COD MW server hence my ping is 223ms when it is supposed to be 42 - 50ms… I’m wondering if there is any way I can get a trial to check if it helps with my situation.


Not sure that Call of Duty - Warzone link is helpful but its setting would be almost same with CoD MW too.

Please check and try to test whether it’s helpful or not for your case.

Thank you. Is there anyway I can get a trial for a day or two to check if all goes well? if not no problem I can understand…Thanks in advance

Could you please tell me your exact mudfish ID? I’d checked ‘nareshak’ but it doesn’t exist. :frowning: If then I can set some trial credits for your account.

my mudfish login ID is breakerownz

I’d set a trial credit now for your account. :slight_smile: So I think you can use all mudfish nodes and features for a while. Please let me know if there’s any problems and questions.

Thank you… I will check and keep posted for any queries I get. :slight_smile:

@weongyo so I have had a chance to try the trial you setup for me… With multiplayer everything works fine but I don’t seem to find any match at all when I search in Warzone which is a bummer…From my understanding, I believe Mudfish doesn’t work on an application-level instead it tunnels VPN for the whole PC which I wish it worked only on application-level like some competitors. I ran mudfish in basic mode with node set to auto-selection…What does a full VPN mode do? It also seems Mudfish Credits melt way too faster because It took almost 160mb for just playing a couple of multiplayer matches. I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong but pls let me know to if anything I could try. Thanks once again.