Does Mudfish work on the Mogstation?

I’m American currently living in Korea and would like to play ffxiv (the NA version). I bought the game but I need to register my account on the Mogstation. I keep getting the i2501 error, which I’m assuming is due to me using a VPN. I cannot access the Mogstation at all without a VPN on so is there any way of getting around this? Does Mudfish work with the Mogstation or just the game itself? Do I need to have the settings a certain way?

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled?

If it works fine with Full VPN mode but it doesn’t work with the game item only, it seems the game item should be updated to supporit it.

I get the same error message when Full VPN mode is enabled.

Weird… Did you try to use other mudfish nodes with Full VPN mode enabled? If it’s even same with other mudfish nodes, I guess that most of mudfish nodes are blocked by them. :frowning: But not sure…