Equipped LOST ARK NA East but game connects to South America servers

Hi, I am from Melbourne, Australia and so currently for mudfish I use the following:
Data plan: Subscription
Voucher: 8/2

but when I load up the game, it automatically connects to the South American servers:

edit: When I try to connect to NA East, usually it’s supposed to let you switch but will ask you to restart the game in order to connect to the newly selected server. However, when I try to switch to NA east with mudfish on, it just won’t let me, saying that the region is restricted.

When I turn off mudfish, all is working perfectly. I can connect to NA east and play as normal.

I tried changing to diff mudfish nodes (not all of them yet – the game takes so long to load up!) but I always end up loading up the game to the South American servers even though I select NA East in the server selection for the mudfish node.

Anyone had this issue and/or know of any solutions?


When I checked your configuration, you’re using ‘US East (Virginia - Aliyun)’ mudfish node.

For this case, did you try to use Full VPN mode with this US East (Virginia - Aliyun) node and check that it works fine with that opinion?

If it works fine with Full VPN mode, it means that there’s a problem in the game item of Mudfish.

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