Eternal Return Custom Item

Hi I am trying to set up a Custom Item for Eternal Return but I don’t think i’m setting it up right. I’m trying to make an item for the Europe server (IP, but i’m confused on what I am doing wrong and keep getting errors. I am pretty sure it’s because the format i’m using is wrong but I don’t know how to fix it.
The errors are:
[5.854760] MUDEC_00124: CreateIpForwardEntry() failed: 87 The parameter is incorrect. (metric 331)

[5.856765] MUDEC_00129: ODR_CreateIpForwardEntry failed: IP (ifindex 16 metric 331)

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

@chizo I think you need to change CIDR syntax like to fix this issue.

Okay thank you.
I have tried the correct syntax for the custom item and my ping ms doesnt really change at all. Is it possible to update the current Eternal Return item to have the Europe server on it?

Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

To update the game item of mudfish, I need some game packets to analyze.

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