FastConnect is not enabled

I’ve turned FastConnect on in Setup -> Program but no change can be seen. Mudfish dashboard still shows the Realtime RTT (value of 160ms), when it should be showing something near 0 ms if FastConnect was truly on. Game ping also remains unchanged after turning it on. I’ve already tried updating mudfish and restarting the computer.

More info:
I’ve not changed anything else in Mudfish Setup -> Program, just FastConnect. The rest are all on defaults. Also I’m using Basic Node selection. I’ve tried FullVPN mode, no difference as well (I did test it on and was successful).

The game is FFXIV.

:slight_smile: If you’re using Mudfish Cloud VPN v5.4.0 and above, the realtime RTT graph is available even with FastConnect mode is enabled. For details, please check Release Notes

When I checked your configuration, I can see that FastConnect mode is properly enabled.

How can be sure it’s working? I don’t feel any difference in game and the in game ping is also unaltered from when I had FastConnect disabled.

Could you please try to ping to IP from Command Prompt? I’m curious that the result. If the result ping is less than 5ms, it means FastConnect mode is affecting to.

Here is the result for the ping (sorry it’s in portuguese), you can see it has an average of 165ms:

Disparando com 32 bytes de dados:
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=165ms TTL=240
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=164ms TTL=240
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=165ms TTL=240
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=165ms TTL=240

Ping plotter trace route:

Weird… :frowning: Unexpected result. Could you please send me Problem Report? I need to check the internal logs.

Report submitted