[Feature Request] Same item, multiple profile

I have 2 accounts corresponding to 2 different servers for my game.
(One is Global server and the other is Area specific server.)
This means when I switch to the other server, I’ll have to change the server selection, find the optimal Mudfish node and finally save the configuration.
Which is a hassle to deal with, every time when I switch server.
I believe there’s a significant chunk of Mudfish users having the same problem as me.
Hence, please add a one-click-to-apply profile switcher for items.
For example, having the same item duplicated with different configs on the home page.
If this could be realized, it will greatly enhance the experience of switching game servers.

I see what you mean. At this point, mudfish doesn’t allow to equip the duplicated game item. So I guess that it’s a reason why you’re using 2 different mudfish ID.

Let me think whether your opinion is easy to fix or not. Thank you for your feedback!

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As a case study: At start, I was manually switching config while playing different servers. But later soon I became lazy, and only configured mudfish for the server I play the most. This means less credit is used (1/2 halved) and also, less income for you. So, this might also be a reason for why you to need this feature.

One more thing is that it may also be sensible to
include node whitelist/blacklist for each item to increase RTT update speed.
e.g. An Australian user who’d like to…
Play a game in the Asia Pacific server, then they can choose to block all US nodes.
Play a game in the US server, then they can choose to block some Asia Pacific nodes.
As a result, the connection setup time will be much lower because of the lower number of Mudfish nodes needed to go through.

:slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback. I’ll check your opinion when I get a chance to develop.

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