FFXIV No improvement with MUDFISH no matter what item I equip/route I select

Location New Zealand
Server Location US WEST
So I have a plugin in my game which tells me my ping.

When I do the optimal set up on MUDFISH for Crystal/NA-WEST and click apply, connect etc. There is no change of my connection at all.

I am curious to what is needed. I remember in the past when I clicked connect, my game would DISCONNECT and I’d have to reconnect - but recently that isnt happening and my ping remains stuck at 244. As opposed to what MUDFISH says it should be at 120ish.

Does anyone know a solution?

I have: Allowed -ALL- mudfish.exe programs through inbound/outbound rules on my windows firewall.
I have reinstalled and reapplied settings.

No improvement.

Please confirm that How to check the basic functionality works fine in your environment. It’s a first thing you should test.

Hi there, I have done that. Functionality seems fine, I cant find any errors.

However even after a six hour gaming period, it barely used 64bits of data…

which doesnt seem right.

@okashiicake Are you meaning after following How to check the basic functionality document , it shows “mudfish works fine” at myip.mudfish.net site?

Then did you test with Full VPN mode enabled? Very weird if the mudfish doesn’t use traffics… I think you can check the realtime traffic graph of the dashboard. For details, please check How do I know if its working? link too.