Glitch in 'Mabinogi: Heroes' KR

You guys still haven’t solve this problem.
Please update what’s going on and why it is taking forever.

Mudfish glitch in ‘Mabinogi: Heroes’ KR - Technical Support - Mudfish Forums

@Vrin IIRC this issue wasn’t fixed with Full VPN mode enabled. And it was even same with different mudfish KR nodes. And only 기사단 part doesn’t work while other parts are working fine.

And IIRC you tried to change Connection Protocols to TCP based but it was same result.

So at this moment, there’s not much mudfish can offer or solve because it’s not easy to explain why… :frowning: So there’s no update for this case. Sorry for this inconvenience.

That’s really sad. I’m so disappointed to hear your answer.
But still, me and my friends are having the same issue, so please don’t give up and research this problem, thank you.

@Vrin Did you hear that 기사단 is working based on P2P (Peer To Peer) network technology? When I googled this issue more, at some web pages it says it’s implemented based on P2P.

If it’s, it’ll not work with mudfish because mudfish server doesn’t do the port forwarding.

I don’t know if its based on PSP, but it used to work fine.
It went wrong all the sudden, even there was no big change for 기사단.

@Vrin As you might guess, there’s no big changes at mudfish client and server side too. At this point I’m not sure that you’re accessiable to 기사단 raid without using VPN. If it works without VPN and you’re familiar with using Wireshark, please send me some packet dump files using Packet Capture with Wireshark link while playing the game. :frowning: It looks we need to check the game packets little bit to know how it works.

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