Gloria Victis NA/US East server


I’ve tried to play Gloria Victis on the NA server using mudfish however it doesn’t seem to work with the current destination server options. I’m currently using a custom item I made to play it through mudfish.

Would it be possible to get the NA/US east server info updated? Please let me know if you need a packet dump or anything.

Thank you

Okay. I’d updated IP block for Gloria Victis NA. Please test it again. But if you feel it doesn’t work properly please send some packet dump us.

Thanks for your help. It looks like it works now going off of the real time traffic graph.

However the routing path calculation is unavailable & the round trip time graph looks the same as before, the ping times don’t reflect the in game pings and manual pinging of the IP address.

Edit: the routing path calculation is available again but still the same issue with the RTT calculations. The ping in game and manually usually gives around 50ms, but Mudfish is showing around 20ms.

Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

I need some game packets to analyze. :frowning: Might be I missed something…

I sent an email with the subject: Gloria Victis NA/US East Server Dump
Please let me know if this is enough.

Thank you

@Froze I’d updated the RTT information at mudfish side based on your packet dump. When you get a chance, please test it again.

The RTT still seems off, the in game ping (usually around 50ms) isn’t reflected in Mudfish. Mudfish is reading around 35-38ms with large amounts of packet loss which I’m not seeing when I manually ping the IP address. The game play also doesn’t feel like its being affected by that much packet loss.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Weird… Then Could you please confirm that if you turn on Full VPN mode this ping difference issue is gone?

If it works fine with Full VPN mode, it looks I need to ask another packet dump…

Since I can’t really see what the ping is via Mudfish for the game while Full VPN mode is on, I can only go by what the in game counter is saying. It’s the same (40-50ms) and it doesn’t feel like its getting the packet loss that Mudfish was showing with the Gloria Victis item.

Please see the screenshots below as I think it’ll help to see the difference between the regular & custom item, as well as the sudden increase of RTT avg/std dev in the routing path calculations (the node status page shows normal readings).

Gloria Victis Item:

This packet loss isn’t felt in the game play, I would expect it to be very unstable but it plays like normal.

Custom Item:

Routing Calculations:

I have also sent you another packet dump. Please let me know if you need anything else.