Granblue Fantasy (Chrome)

I have a question regarding the Mudfish Launcher and Chrome Extension. The Granblue Fantasy (the game works via Chrome) is picked up.
It seem to be working fine with the Mudfish Launcher and the ping reduction is noticeable. Pinging the server proves it right too, ping drops from ~240 to ~130 with a good node.
However - does it actually consume any external traffic from the different apps/browsers? For instance when I run the Mudfish Launcher with the Granblue Fantasy (Chrome browser) and also use a different browser like Firefox to watch Youtube, Bittorrent client, Steam or something like that? Does it affect it or not?

The other question is when I use Chrome extension and select the server (JP Asia - Tokyo - Yahoo Japan) to play Granblue Fantasy, it feels like the latency is actually higher compared with the launcher and the ping is worse. Why is that? Is there a way to measure the ping to the game server with the Chrome extension?

What’s actually the best way to isolate Granblue Fantasy with Mudfish in Chrome so the external traffic wouldn’t bleed out and waste the tariff plan?

If you’re using “Mudfish Web Extension for chrome” only, it affects to your browser activity only. However if you’re using Mudfish Launcher (aka Mudfish Cloud VPN), please check CDN and Mudfish for details. It could be affected by CDN traffics.

Mudfish for chrome extension doesn’t provide a way to measure a RTT at this moment. At it looks it’s not easy to measure too via chrome. If there’s any interface within the game client, it’d be best way to measure the ping.

Thanks for a reply.
When I use the browser extension, should I select Vladivostok - JSC 2 as a server?

I’m little bit confused. When I see your screenshot, this isn’t browser extension. It’s a part of Mudfish Cloud VPN program.

So I’m not sure you’re using the browser extension for mudfish or Mudfish Cloud VPN program at now… Could you please check it again?

No. I think you can pick and use any mudfish nodes what’s working.