Granblue Fantasy, help with setup

I have purchased the service for this game, I have set the basic configuration because I don’t know yet how to configure it in advanced, but the ping is the same as I have without using the service,
Can someone help me set it up?

Not sure that Granblue Fantasy link is helpful for this case but please check when you get a chance.

And before testing the mudfish with the game, please confirm that How to check the basic functionality works fine in your environment. It’s a first thing you should test.

the game usually goes about 270ms
Since I acquired the service, I have used the basic configuration, without making any changes, and my ping drops to 224ms, not bad, but I would like to have less ping.
Follow the guide to use the full VPN by setting the node to (Tokyo - Aliyun 2)
and I get 284ms
for now I will stay with the basic configuration.

Good to hear that it’s better than before. However please check your ISP first. When I checked RTT information recorded in Mudfish, it seems RTT stddev values to most of the mudfish nodes are quite unstable. It means your ISP has a network issue. For details please check link.