Heartbeat Error

VN Viettel and VN Viettel 2 both give me hearbeat error when I connect using UDP ports, but for TCP it works.

When I use full vpn, they are both fine.

Is there any reason for these 2 nodes to not work using UDP?

Sometimes MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) could affect. Or the server provider could block UDP traffics…

Let me contact the server provider. :frowning: Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you!

I appreciate all the effort you guys put into Mudfish =)


Hey, hello.

There is still a heartbeat error when I use the Viettel VPNS, however, I found a solution(?)

When I turn on public vpn and then turn it off then connect to Viettel for my item, it works fine!

I hope it can be explained as to why this happens =)

Thank you

Weird… because it looks it doesn’t explain this issue . :frowning: When I checked these two nodes (VN Asia (Vietnam - Viettel) and VN Asia (Vietnam - Viettel 2)), it seems UDP works fine from my location. Might be a temporary issue or a problem between your ISP and mudfish nodes.


are you using the full vpn option? When I use full VPN for Viettel and Viettel 2, it works.

However, when I use league of legends item, it gives out a heartbeat error unless I go from turning on full vpn to turning it off as i have said in the previous post


I will try to use another ISP to see if the problem persists.

No. I didn’t use Full VPN mode to check whether UDP works or not from my location.