High ping for mobile legends

I cannot play properly due to high ping in mobile legends pls help

Are you the mudfish app user for iOS or Android? If then how did you try to test with Mudfish or how did you set up?

Please explain your issue a little bit more for me.

Hi. I just download mudfish app through the appstore then selected philippines server however the lag and ping is high around 300ms.

I use iOS and have the mudfish app in my phone. Can you help to reduce ping when playing in PH server?

However what’s your exact mudfish ID? I tried to search but failed to find. So I can’t see your status.

It’s llyme_79@yahoo.com can you check why do I have red ping everytime I connect in PH using my phone?

@llyme_79 Thank you for this information. However when I checked your account, it seems it’s not easy to debug this issue because Mudfish app for iOS doesn’t support the rich features to analyze your issue. :frowning:

So I have no idea what your RTT (Round Trip Time) values are between your iPhone and mudfish PH nodes. It requires some developement.

I’m not sure that you’re familiar with network tools for iOS but if you’re, please try to analyze the network status to IP (PH Asia (Philippines - CloudSigma)).

Hi what you meant of network tools and analyze And how is that iOS is diff? Is there any other way to fix this?

@llyme_79 As you mentioned in the previous comment, to be frank, there are not enough data collected to analyze your issue. So I’m not sure that your issue is from mudfish or from your ISP or other parts.

That’s a reason why I mentioned a code development. :frowning: Sorry for this poor technical support.

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