High pings Lost Ark - RU, Black Desert SEA

Hello admin. Got high pings in LA-RU and BD-SEA compared to exitlag. Is there a problem with the servers?

Did you try to change a mudfish node based on FAQ - Nodes section for your game item? If you’re using the advanced mode, please start with the basic mode.

And is there any reason to change your Connection Protocols from UDP to TCP? If UDP works fine, it’d be best to optimize the ping.

i tried change protocols but still high.

the pas week was about 190ms low. then last week was 203ms.

Which mudfish nodes did you try? When I checked your RTT information, some RTT stddev values of mudfish nodes are relatively high. So it seems you need to pick a mudfish node carefully whose stddev is closer to zero.

When you get a chance, please test with Full VPN mode enabled too whether it makes any differences.

sorry for the very late rply. i havent played it for a while. will try that mode.